Children's Church

All children KG-3rd grade are invited to attend Children's Church during the 11:00 Contemporary and Traditional Services.  Volunteers will be stationed outside each service entrance with an iPad to register children interested in participating.  Parents will simply enter their child's name and info and will be given a sticker with a random number printed on it.  Their child will be given the same number on a sticker and this will be your sign-in/sign-out tag.  During each service, the Pastor or Worship Leader  will announce when children are released to go to Children's Church.  A volunteer will be located at the back of the sanctuary and at the back of the MPR to escort the children to Room #304 for class (Parents need not leave service to walk their children to class)  When service is over, parents will collect their children from Room #304 using their number sticker.

Some sample topics for Children's Church in the coming months will be:  The Lord's Prayer, The 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Books of the Bible. We also tie the lessons into what the sermon subject is for that particular Sunday. 

The goal of having a  Children's Church is to spend time with the children and begin to  learn the basics of a church service and to better understand the traditions of the Methodist Church.   We are also able to discuss and explore topics that pertain to the sermon their parents are hearing in the Sanctuary or MPR.   

Important Note:  Children's Church will not be offered the first Sunday of each month.  This is Communion Sunday and we would like the children to stay in service with their families to experience this tradition.