Toddler 1Class

Toddler 1 is a transitional classroom.  These children will start out as mobile infants and transition into young toddlers over the course of the year.  To be enrolled in this classroom children must be at least 12 months old.  These babies must be walking (or very close to it), able to feed themselves (pretty well) and ready to explore the world around them!  There is an enrollment minimum of two days a week in this class.

We provide an enriching curriculum with art, music & movement, opportunities for gross motor development, story time and so much more!  We love to do art projects, enjoy the outdoors with playground time, sing, dance, read stories in circle time, play with our friends, touch and explore new things at our sensory table and learn how to do things independently!  We allow children in this classroom to get a sense of accomplishment by learning to do some things on their own, such as washing hands at the sink and helping the teachers pick up toys before transitions.