Holston Hands-On Mission Project: Health Kits

health kit

Our District is collecting Health Kits for the 2017 Holston Annual Conference Hands-On Mission Project. Kits will be collected in the district office and sent to the Ishe Anesu Project for Underprivileged Children in Zimbabwe. (These are different from UMCOR kits). Each kit must contain:

  • 2 bars soap
  • 2 toothpaste (6.4 oz. or less)
  • 2 toothbrushes
  • 1 Children's Chewable Tylenol (or any generic Acetaminophen), 80mg/160mg, (30 ct.)
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 Delsym 12-hour for children/adults (3 oz. or less)
  • 1 Tylenol (or any generic Acetaminophen), 500 mg (24 ct.)
  • 1 Benadryl children's liquid (4 oz.) OR adult tabs (24 ct.)
  • 1 Aleve (or any generic Naproxen Sodium), 220 mg (24 ct.) 
  • 1 Listerene, adult OR children's Smart Rinse (250 mL or less)

Please give close attention to the medication dosages, packaging sizes, and quantities. Due to regulations, additional items or items in sizes/quantities not listed cannot be accepted. 

$5 per kit should also be included to cover packing and shipping costs.

Drop off your kit in a 2-gallon Ziplock bag in the Fellowship Hall! 

Church Directory Photos

We are creating a new FUMC directory and it will not be complete without you and your family. Photo dates and times are May 25-26, June 6-11, and June 23-24. Photographers will be at FUMC on Sundays 12pm-7pm, Saturdays 10am-5pm, and Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm. Please sign up for your time slot here. All photographed families will receive a free 8x10 portrait. Contact Emily Dennison (865-483-4357, edennison@fumcor.org) with any questions.