Yoga and Christian Contemplation

For some, yoga and prayer go well together because they experience yoga as a way to pray with the body, uniting body, mind and spirit. For others, yoga, with its careful use of breathing and postures, serves to quiet and focus the mind, thus beautifully preparing us for prayer. First Church will be offering classes which combine Yoga and Christian Prayer. The classes will be led by professional yoga instructors and the Rev. Jenny Caughman.

In these classes we will first practice Yoga with conscious awareness of God’s constant presence with us. After the yoga practice, during savasana, or the time of rest, we will be guided in prayer, as a way to deepen one’s experience of, and relationship with, God. We will explore some traditional forms of Christian Contemplative prayer which are a natural complement to the physical practice of Yoga.

Classes are offered on Sundays at 4:30. Feel free to come whenever you can. Those new to yoga, as well as those who have been practicing for years, are all welcome. Please bring your own mat as we have only a small number of extras. While there is no charge for the classes, an offering will be received. After the yoga instructors have been paid, any additional money will be given to Habitat for Humanity.  For more information call the church office at  (865) 483-4357 or contact Jenny Caughman ( Come experience the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and prayer!

For those who are surprised by this class offering, here is an excellent post from the Rev. Linda Privitara of Ottawa.