Sermon Series begins April 12

On Easter morning there is a palpable sense of energy, there is movement, and there is a clear signal that there is work to be done. Jesus immediately calls his disciples to go to Galilee, to a mountain, where he will instruct them to go into the world and make disciples.

      As 21st century disciples, we hear the same call. We are to go out into the community and greater world to offer the life giving hope of Christ. We are to lead; we are to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus. Join us for five Sundays  in any of our worship services for our new sermon series, “Lead the Way,” as we focus on how First Church can faithfully and fruitfully “lead the way” in Oak Ridge and beyond.

April 12 - Blessed

April 19 - Faithful

April 26 - Pray

May 3 - Commit

May 10 - Move