Sermon Series through August 30: "Half-Truths"

There is one remaining sermon left in our sermon series, “Half Truths,” based on sayings repeated by many Christians which capture some element of truth, but also miss the point in very important ways. Many of us have heard and struggled with these concepts, wondering if we need to believe them if we are truly Christian, or if they are a good measuring stick of faith. 

Worship service times are Sundays at 8:45 and 11 am (Traditional in the Sanctuary), and 11 am (Contemporary in the Multipurpose Room).

Join us on August 30 for "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin." If you have missed any of the series, click here and select the sermon you would like to hear.

Companion Sunday School Class -- In addition, Rev.  Jenny Caughman will lead a discussion of the sermon series topics in the Chapel during the Sunday School hour. The classes will discuss the sermon from the previous week. Bring your questions, comments, and experiences as we discuss and explore the topics covered in our sermon series. For more information, contact Jenny Caughman (483-4357;