"Be Still" Sermon Series starts in contemporary service

September 13-October 11

Our lives are busy, filled with activities, thoughts, overly-full schedules, and multiple responsibilities. Wherever we go our senses are overloaded by images, sounds, and smells filling the space around us. While many of these things are enjoyable and important their sum total can be over-whelming and they far too often prevent us from hearing the voice of God. The scriptures place an importance on intentional time taken to be still before God. It is in those times that we know God. It is hard to stop, to turn down the noise, but it is necessary if we hope to connect with God and if we hope to be moved where God wants us to go.

Join us for “Be Still” in our contemporary service at 11:00 am from Sunday, September 13 - October 11. We will explore the joy and challenges found when we listen to the words of God: “Be still and know that I am God.”

There is a 28-day devotional guide that goes with this series. This guide, available for free PDF download below, is intended to help users stop moving for an intentional time each day to connect with God. It is to encourage the daily habit of "still" time before God in the belief that this discipline will bring clarity and peace where now there may be confusion and unrest. It is about taking time to pray, to read the Bible, to think, to reflect, to listen, and to be given hope and power to move in the direction that God intends.

Each day's devotion includes a passage of scripture, a focus verse, guidance for prayerful reflection on the scripture, and space for a written response.