Sermon Series - Facing Issues That Divide: Building Bridges & Tearing Down Walls

Sermon Series begins Sunday, July 31

     Politics and religion are two topics many say should never be mixed, but that’s what we’re going to do! As we travel through this election year, issues divide us and civility gets lost in the rhetoric. Can we disagree and still find common ground? What does Jesus call us to do? Where can we stand united? Join us for our five-week sermon series, Facing Issues That Divide, on July 31-Aug. 28 in all worship services, as we take a thoughtful look at critical issues facing our country, learn from one another and build bridges that unite us as one nation under God.

Join us each Sunday for these compelling topics:

      July 31 - Practicing Politics, Keeping Faith

      August 7 - Immigrants and the Bible

     August 14 - A Christian Response to Islamic Extremism

     August 21 - Christianity andHealthcare

     August 28 - Christianity and Guns