Facilities Update

church renovation update copy.jpg

 With the exception of a few Punch List items, construction is complete. There are a few doors to be replaced (gym, Fellowship Hall, Loft, Kitchen) which will match the new wood. Some minor cabinet work needs to be completed in the Welcome Center, along with a few smaller items. The major hold up at this point is the fire alarm system. We are waiting on a part to be delivered and installed which we didn't know we needed until the fire alarm was tested. Once the part is installed, we can pass the fire alarm test and begin using all of the new areas. There is no problem with the fire alarm in the rest of the building. We are now looking at being in the new classrooms by Thanksgiving. 

Work in the Youth Loft is nearing completion with just a few minor items to complete.

The new electronic sign has been installed in front of the church. The masonry base will be added to the bottom.  It will be completely operational soon. Notice the sign has the full name of the church along with the logo.

Thank you for your support and patience during this process. We will be greatly blessed once it is finished. Please continue to give faithfully to the facility renovations campaign to help undergird this important effort. May God continue to guide our journey forward.