Sermon Series: The Power of Words

Sermon Series Begins Sept. 11: The Power of Words

      The words that we say can be used powerfully for good and for evil, both to tear others down and to unite us together. Can we learn to use our words wisely, reigning in off-the-cuff statements that we often later regret, instead responding more frequently from pure and thoughtful intentions? Can we show the world the love of Jesus by beginning to speak out of truth, not out of anger-filled haste? Join us in the traditional services at 8:45 and 11:00 am or the contemporary service at 11:00 am for this exciting three-week sermon series, beginning Sept. 11, as we explore the power of our words in many facets of our lives — our worship, families, workplaces, and even social media. The topics are:

Sept. 11 Tearing Down or Building Up?

Sept. 18 Family Words: Hurtful or Life Giving?

Sept. 25 In the Beginning Was the Word