PreK 1 Class

PreK 1 is a 3 year old class.  Children enrolled in this classroom must be three years old by the end of August.  This classroom is about independence and structure!  We require students in this room to attend a minimum of three days a week, however most of them attend four to five days per week.

We provide an enriching curriculum with focus on learning through play!  We love to do art projects, develop our gross motor skills with playground time, touch and explore new things in our science center, practice fine motor skills by playing in the math & manipulatives center, learn manners and social interaction in the dramatic play area and so much more!  We use circle time to learn about weather, calendar, alphabet, colors, different holidays and cultures, routine…the list goes on and on!

In preparation for PreK 2 & PreK 3 (kindergarten readiness classrooms) we want our students to continue practicing self-help skills.  We work on daily routine, being responsible for our own things such as backpacks, lunch boxes, hanging up our jackets, going potty independently, washing our hands, asking for help when we need it and problem solving.  We love to see the sparkle in our students eyes when they say "LOOK, I did it!!!"

Children in this classroom will learn structure, routine and independence by participating in circle time, helping clean up the toys they get out, helping pack and unpack their lunch boxes, washing hands and potty training once they are ready!  Potty training occurs only when the children are developmentally ready and the parents are doing it at home as well.  Consistency is the key!  This classroom has a potty in it with a changing station, so it makes learning to go potty much easier.