Many of our Christian worship traditions involve the rich beauty of our space and our rituals. The Altar Guild oversees and aids in the celebration of these beautiful rituals. Our FUMC Altar Guild has four main objectives. First (1) is to assist the clergy in preparing for worship in the church and cleaning up afterwards. Second (2) is the creation and maintenance of paraments and other fabrics. Third (3) is the care and oversight of floral and other decorations and appointments in the Chapel, the Nave, and the MPR worship space. Finally, (4) our last objective is the general oversight of the Chapel, the MPR Altar, the Nave, and the Sacristy.

Regular Tasks & Duties


  • Fill candles with oil, clean tops, change wicks if needed

  • Clean and polish altar

  • Change paraments for seasons/feast days



  • Clean and polish altar

  • Fill candle(s) with oil, clean top(s), change wick(s) if needed

  • Dress altar as needed

  • Clean and polish communion ware

  • Maintain votive candles and candle stand


  • Clean and polish altar

  • Fill candles with oil, clean tops, change wicks if needed

  • Dress altar as needed

  • Clean and polish communion ware

  • Change paraments for seasons/feast days

  • Dust sanctuary appointments

  • Clean out and prepare candle lighters for use in worship


January- Seth

February- Seth

March- Seth

April- 8:45 BJ Boyd, 11 Seth

May- 8:45 Janna Taylor, 11 Princess Haas

June- 8:45 Debbie Clark


August- 8:45 Lois Withrow

September- 8:45 Lois Withrow

October- 8:45 Anita Greenlee

November- 8:45 Debbie Clark, 11 Ann Munz

December- 11 Ann Munz

2021 Communion Prep Schedule



  • Paraments: White/Gold (change back after)

  • Paschal Candle (making sure it has oil)

  • Provide pall for casket or cremains (clergy will decide that)


  • Paraments: Don’t change for a baptism

  • Paschal Candle (making sure it has oil)

  • Contemporary: Pitcher of water and basin on altar

  • Traditional:  Pitcher of water on small table by baptismal font

  • Two corporals, folded, with font

  • Clean up after baptismal service (don’t worry about the water in the font)


  • Paraments: White/Gold (change back after)

  • Work with Church Wedding Director for any additional needs


Advent/Christmas Tasks & Duties

  • Advent Paraments: Nave- Blue, Chapel- Violet

  • Christmas Paraments: White/Gold

  • Water Advent Wreath

  • Clean and fill Advent wreath candles each week

  • Light Christmas decorations before service

  • Arrange and water poinsettias weekly

  • Prepare Christmas Eve vigil candles


Lent/Holy Week/Easter

  • Paraments: Violet

  • Ash Wednesday

    • Prepared ashes in pewter chalices with small amount of Vaseline at the rim

    • Two moist towelettes and a dry paper towel for clergy/assisters

  • Palm Sunday

    • Lay out palm fronds in Narthex and MPR (large for adults, small for children)

    • Veil crosses (Processional, Chapel, Welcome Center) in purple

  • Holy Week Services

  • Maundy Thursday

    • Paraments: Violet

    • Foot washing supplies (bowls, pitchers, towels)

    • Holy Communion

  • Good Friday

    • Paraments: none

    • Tenebrae candles (black altar cover, fourteen black candles and one white candle

  • Holy Saturday (clergy will advise)

    • Paraments: White/Gold

    • Prepare Easter Vigil candles

    • Decorate for Easter

    • Easter Sunday

    • Arrange lilies

Glossary of Paraments, Vestments, and Linens

  • Alb- white robe worn during services.

  • Antependium- the colored/patterned piece of fabric that drapes in front of the pulpit. We have these in white, green, blue, red, and violet.

  • Chalice Pall- a rigid piece of cardboard or plastic that is covered in white linen and embroidered. It keeps dust and other particles out of the Communion Chalices.

  • Chasuble- a circular piece of cloth worn by the presiding minister at Holy Communion. Most often, the chasuble reflects the liturgical color of the day.

  • Corporal- a hardy napkin used to cover bread before/after Communion and for cleaning hands during liturgies.

  • Dossal Curtain- the colored fabric that drapes the wall behind an altar. We have a dossal curtain in our Chapel that matches the liturgical season. We have these in green, red, white, and purple.

  • Fair Cloth- a large piece of white fabric that covers the Altar for the celebration of Holy Communion. If these get wine or juice on them, they need to be spot cleaned immediately and taken to the dry cleaner.

  • Frontlet- the small colored drape that hangs over the lectern. As of now, we have these in white, blue, and red.

  • Purificator- a thin napkin used with the Chalice during Holy Communion.

  • Stole- a piece of fabric worn by clergy during services. Originally worn during service and used to clean vessels, the stole has remained over the left shoulder for Deacons and evolved to being draped over the neck for Elders