Confirmation Class is a year of exploration at First United Methodist Church. Youth in sixth grade will take a closer look at what it means to become an adult in faith, what it means to make a commitment to Jesus Christ, and what it means to share in faith with Christians around the world. We use the Confirm curriculum by the United Methodist Publishing House.

The experience includes weekly class sessions during the Sunday School hour, time with an adult mentor, a weekend retreat, 2 one-day retreats, and worship opportunities with other congregations. The class culminates with a church-wide dinner and a Confirmation Worship Service. 

If you have questions about Confirmation Year, please contact the director of children & family ministries, or Kayla Carico, the director of youth ministries.

Information, Forms, and Make up work for the Class of 2019-2020


You can find complete information along with a registration card by clicking here

Class meets each Sunday beginning August 4th, 2019 at 10:00 AM in room 304.


Make up work will be posted on this page as soon as it it available after class. Student must maintain at least 75% class attendance in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Faith Buddy Meeting sheets are available in the classroom or by clicking here




Retreat - August 2nd-3rd @ Camp Wesley Woods

Travelling Together

Living Together

Loving Together

Belonging Together



Lessons/Make up work

August 4th   General Overview of OT (Chris)


August                 4          General Overview of the Bible (the Old Testament) - CHRIS

                        11          The Styles of Literature in OT - MARK

                        18          Prayer- JENNY

                        25          Incarnation - JENNY

September            1          Labor Day Weekend = Fun Class - ERIN

                          8          Overview of the Gospels - CHRIS

                        15          Synagogue Visit - ERIN

                        22          No Class, Combined Outdoor Worship (class help w/service)

                        29          Fall Break = Fun Class - KAYLA

October               6          Fall Break = Fun Class - MARK

                        13          Visit St. George Greek Orthodox Church – ERIN/SETH

                        20          Atonement Theories- CHRIS            

                        23          Wednesday after school RETREAT on prayer – ERIN/KAYLA/SETH

                        27          Worship (comparing differences in worship services) – JEFF/JENNY

November            3          Overview of Remainder of NT - CHRIS

                        10          History of Church Through East/West Split - SETH

                        17          Trinity - MARK

                        24          Christ the King Sunday - Class help lead worship services (PRACTICE)

December             1          Sunday after Thanksgiving – Pentecost - MARK

                          8          Christmas Shoppe (the Class will help as a service project)

                        15          Holy Baptism - CHRIS

                        22          Holy Communion - MARK

                        29          Winter Break = Fun Class - JENNY

January                5          Winter Break = Fun Class - KAYLA

                        12          History of the Reformation - CHRIS

                        19          The Christian Year – MARK/SETH

                        26          Visit a Lutheran Church - ERIN

February               2          History of Methodists - ERIN

                          9          Faith vs Works; Wesleyan Quadrilateral - MARK

                        16          Sin/Grace - KAYLA

                        19          Wednesday after school RETREAT on Spiritual Practices – ERIN/KAYLA/JENNY

                        23          Spiritual Practices - CHRIS

March                 1          Salvation as a Way of Life/Social Holiness and Personal Piety - JENNY

                          8          Practical Worship Experiences (lectio divina, rosary, etc.) - SETH

                        15          Spring Break = Fun Class - MARK

                        22          Spring Break = Fun Class - CHRIS

                        29          Death and Resurrection - JENNY

April                    5          Palm/Passion Sunday - ERIN

                        12          Easter – EGG HIDING W/ERIN

                        19          Kingdom of God - KAYLA

                        26          Local Church Finances and Ministry - MARK

                        28          Tuesday Evening Church Council Meeting (optional)

May                    3          Church Membership Vows – CHRIS AND Confirmation Dinner 6:30pm @ Church FH

                        10          Mother’s Day = No Class

                        17          Confirmation Sunday – all services (8:45 and both 11:00)

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