June Mission Offering

HOPE of East Tennessee's mission is to provide the highest quality treatment and supportive services in a safe environment to men and women seeking recovery from substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Their residences and outpatient center are located in Oak Ridge. The residences can accommodate 15 men and 11 women in separate locations.

Working in collaboration with Ridgeview Mental Health Center they provide services to those with co-occurring disorders while concurrently providing treatment for substance use. HOPE also offers outpatient services, aftercare, individual counseling and special focus groups such as relapse prevention and dual diagnosis.

Individuals are expected to be responsible for themselves by being gainfully employed and contributing toward the cost of room, board and treatment. In addition, clients are responsible for the recovery community of which they are a part of by attending recovery groups, outpatient programs, as well as the management and enforcement of the norms for the houses they reside in.

HOPE is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Please write "Hope of East TN" on your offering envelope or on the memo line of your check. 

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