Thank You For Your Support

This is the last week of this year’s fundraising effort for next year’s mission trips. To all of you that have donated to our mission trip fund, our sincere thanks. We promise to put your donations to excellent use. We emphasize service on our mission trips, and indeed that is the fundamental reason for doing mission work. However, the impact that these mission experiences have on the volunteers cannot be overstated. To experience an underdeveloped country’s culture and have face-to-face encounters with the people can be transformative. It certainly gives you a broader world outlook and makes you more aware of the needs of third-world people. All of these effects are magnified when a young person is experiencing them. My first mission experience in an underdeveloped country didn’t happen until I was 25 (in India). It made a life-long impression upon me. I have witnessed even more remarkable effects upon high school youth. In 2020 our Panama mission trip is scheduled for the second week of Oak Ridge schools’ fall break. I am very anxious to get some of our high school youth interested and involved in that trip.        - Jim Michel

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