Update, Sept. 21

Don’t forget! Our reimagined Thanksgiving and Christmas events are happening Nov. 19th and Dec. 5th. These combined events will serve approximately 100 different families and up to 400 children. This is double what the Christmas Shoppe has done over the past few years.

We are fortunate to have received grant money to cover the cost of the food only.

We still have many other needs to fill- including up to 400 coats, 200 blankets, shoes, socks and underwear for 400 children, a few toys, personal hygiene items, paper and basic kitchen supplies and more.

Let one of the Christmas Shoppe Committee members know if you, your small group, committee or Sunday school class can help us out.

Thank you, church. Every year you have responded with amazing faith and generosity. You end up touching lives in ways never imagined.

We can’t wait to see what happens this year!

Nancy Kile,

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Items to Donate

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